York County is Helping to Improve the Cricket Scene in America

If you love sports, then York County is definitely the place to be. In fact, York County is so well known for its sporting facilities that people come from all over America to make use of them. Every year, many different sporting events and tournaments are held at the Memorial Park Complex. This is a 60-acre complex that caters for all different sports. And we mean all sports!

What about Cricket?

Cricket isn’t really a popular sport in the United States, but it is fair to say that more and more people are becoming interested in it. With each passing year, there are more and more cricket clubs popping up around the country, especially in places where there are a good percentage of Asian migrants. Asians, as we all know, absolutely love cricket and they are doing their best to spread this sport around America.

This isn’t a bad thing as it is actually a really fun sport to watch and play. People are usually put off from cricket because they deem that it is too hard to understand and too hard to play, but if you make the effort to learn, you will soon realize why it is so popular in Asian countries and in places like England, South Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, and New Zealand.

So, as the YCCVB is not prejudice against any type of sport, they have ensured that there is a place to play cricket at the Memorial Park Complex. Whether you have come from abroad and are an avid cricket player or if you are an American that has never played cricket before but think that it is something that you would love to start playing, you are welcome to play here. There are even some experienced coaches available that will be happy to teach you the ins and outs of the game and ensure that you do not get hurt when you are playing. If you want to bet on this competition, that’ll be hard but you can still bet on ODI via the tips of .

It Even Holds an Annual Cricket Competition

To give you an idea as to how cricket is increasing in popularity in the United States, there is a cricket club in New Jersey that organizes a cricket tournament every year. Any cricket club in the country is welcome to attend their annual event, which they host at the Memorial Park Complex.

The tournament is always well attended, often seeing 12-16 cricket teams battle it out for the right to be crowned the best cricket team in the United States. It is a 20-over tournament which means, for those who are new to cricket, that each side faces 20 overs (120 balls).

All the teams are split into two groups, with the top two teams going through to the semi-finals. Whoever finishes first in one group will play whoever finishes second in the other group. The two winners will then go on to contest the final.

The New Jersey Cricket Club are the undisputed best team in the States at the moment as they have won the competition for the last three years in a row. Although there have been a number of other teams that have given them a run for their money, which can only be good for the game of cricket in America.

The tournament is held every summer during the month of July, so if you are in York County at the time and are a cricket lover yourself, you should head on over to the Memorial Park Complex and enjoy some cricket.